Health Insurance

We primarily deal with individual plans that cover pre-existing condtions, but we can help with other plans also.

Under 65 Health Insurance Plans

These plans cover individuals under the age of 65 and are designed to provide coverage even for those with pre-existing conditions and high prescription drug costs. They are ACA compliant.

Open Enrollments and Special Enrollment Periods

Individuals can enroll in these health insurance plans during Open Enrollment or qualify for a Special Enrollment Period based on certain circumstances. It’s emphasized that there are time limitations for enrollment.

Tax Subsidies

ACA compliant plans often come with tax subsidies. Eligible individuals can receive tax benefits, making insurance more affordable, especially for young retirees.

Importance of Using an Agent

Signing up through an agent is beneficial because not all plans are available on Additionally, agents provide added services and expertise, unlike representatives who may lack insurance licensing or training.

We are a family agency and care about our community

We understand that your health and insurance are too important to trust to just anyone. As local agents, we know our companies and community so you can have confidence in your coverage.

Some of our Industry Partners

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